Looking to step up your exhibition game? Let us help you navigate the range of tools available to you for optimal performance.

Generate lead and boost your booth trafic

Ad in a badge sending newsletter

Newsletter - Badge sending

Your advertisement message sent to all pre-registered visitors

Programmed on the 9th of September 2023


Ad in a visitor newsletter

Visitors X days left - Newsletter

Your message advertised on 3 newsletters dedicated to boost the visitor registration

30 days left and/or 10 days left and/or 3 days left

  • 3 newsletters exclusive: €1300
  • 1 newsletter (1 date): €500
Einvitation pack


Order additionnal e-invitations in your customer area

Pack of 10: €50

Rented smartphone for badge scanning

Badge scanner

Smart and mobile badge scanner, provided with an set up licence

Choose the scanner to:

  • share with many users on your stand,
  • equip hosting staff,
  • equip a particular area on your stand (vip area, animation, etc.)

A 400 euros caution will be asked when receiving the material €130

Licence for smartphone

Licence for smartphone

App to be downloader directly on your smartphone, compatible with Android and IOS.

The licence is available for 1 Smartphone only et for the 2 days show

Choose the licence to:

  • personnalize your questions before the show in your Calypsoleads exhibitor area, with your own choices of responses and free feedbacks,
  • get your visitor information directly on your screen,
  • download your visitor list in your Calypsoleads exhibitor space, after synchronising

All visitor badges have a Qrcode to be scanned €100

Banner on the website


Your banner visible at www.salon-gourmet-selection.com with 3 advertisers maximum