• The Best Of winners showcased at the show

    Best Of Competition | Gourmet Selection

    The "Best Of" competition is the Headline event, expected in every Gourmet Selection Edition.
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  • Quintessences, the competition to showcase your fine food store

    Les Quintessences | Gourmet Selection

    The competition that highlights retail!

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  • Conference area on Gourmet Selection

    Expert's Agora | Gourmet Selection

    A place to meet and exchange ideas in the heart of the Gourmet Selection trade fair to approach the delicatessen market from different angles and give you the keys to succeed within this area.
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  • L'Epicerie de Gourmet, a new event on the show

    L'Épicerie de Gourmet | Fine food show

    We have created a temporary delicatessen store to assist with planning future projects, such as establishing a new outlet or expanding your current business.
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