Bringing together the best of the physical and digital worlds.

Ankorstore, Europe's leading platform for direct sales between brands and independent retailers, has become a partner of Comexposium Group.

Ankorstore has become the designated marketplace for visitors at top food and beverage trade shows, granting them the opportunity to purchase online all year-round alongside their physical event presence.

Are you a visitor to Gourmet Selection and looking to buy products for your business ?

By joining Ankorstore, you benefit from a wide selection of brands specializing in food (JOMO, MATCHA & CO, PLACE DES EPICES, etc.).


Take advantage of unique purchasing conditions

  • A minimum purchase of €100
  • Free shipping on your first order with a brand
  • Access to guaranteed professional prices
  • Payment terms that allow you to buy now and pay up to 60 days later.
  • Multi-brand orders
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Planning to start your own business ?


The free Ankorstart by Ankorstore program helps passionate entrepreneurs realize their dream of opening a successful physical or online business.

A team of 20 experts accompanies you every step of the way with personalized coaching and access to online resources.


Founded in 2019, Ankorstore is Europe’s leading marketplace for direct sales between professionals, connecting a community of over 300,000 merchants and 30,000 brands across nearly 30 countries.

A fully featured digital B2B solution, Ankorstore supports the day-to-day business development of independent retailers by providing them with logistical, financial and technological tools that are unique on the market.

Ankorstore and the food industry in a few numbers :

  • Fine food : +10,000 brands representing +158,000 products, and +85,000 retailers have purchased at least one product in this category.
  • Beverages: +6,000 brands representing +87,000 products, and +53,000 retailers purchased at least one product in this category.


The partnership between Comexposium and Ankorstore opens up unique opportunities for exhibitors to expand their distributor network and increase their sales. The collaboration between these two players illustrates their commitment and willingness to supporting and boosting invigorate the agri-food sector, and more broadly, independent retailing.