The nominees and winners of the Quintessences 2024 competition were recognised by our jury for their originality, their conviction in promoting their region and their local area, but also for their determination to create social connections and cohesion, especially in rural areas.

The 2024 Quintessences

The Quintessences jury, chaired once again by Emmanuelle Jary, met on 28 May 2024 to decide between the 54 candidates for this year's competition: delicatessens, caterers, cavistes and more. Given the quality of the submitted entries, the jury decided to select 15 nominees, including 5 winners with 2 “Coups de Coeur” of the jury !

Spotlight on the winners of the Quintessences 2024 competition:

L'Epicerie D'Ici wins the gold medal for the best delicatessen in France 2024

L'Epicerie D'Ici (Occitanie region) - Gold medal

L’Epicerie D’Ici, situated in a rural setting in the Pyrenees, has become a must-see venue in Baulou. You'll be able to stock up on products in a gypsy caravan, 95% of which come from the Ariège region or neighbouring departments, generally from organic farming and always from sustainable agriculture or animal husbandry, for which the producers set their own prices. As much a showcase for the region's best products as a sales outlet for basic necessities, this gypsy caravan, open 7 days a week, offers a real solution for eating well on a daily basis, right in the middle of the countryside. Original, authentic, local and convivial are just some of the words that sum up L'Epicerie D'Ici.

What convinced the jury: The choices and perseverance of L'Epicerie D'Ici have enabled it to be viable in a rural setting and in an original format.

“L'Epicerie d'ici is the kind of project we'd like to see popping up all over France: a grocery shop in a caravan in the middle of nowhere. It required the energy of one woman, Christelle, and her knowledge of the Ariège region and its products. But it also required a great deal of militancy in favour of producers who are paid according to the prices they set themselves. It was their passion, tenacity and boldness that won us over and that are now rewarding this great adventure.” - Emmanuelle Jary, President and member of the Quintessences 2024 jury

Rose & Perle (Ile-de-France region) - Silver medal

Rose&Perle is a 6.5m2 delicatessen located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Born of a passion for fishing and good food, Rose&Perle specialises in caviar, fish and seafood. A grocery shop with a range of high-quality, original and atypical products, where transparency and traceability are the order of the day. At Rose&Perle, the idea is to offer the luxury of fish-based gastronomy at reasonable prices. For Jean-Philippe Chillet, owner of the grocery shop, it is important to offer products from sustainable fishing. He diversifies his offer by presenting spirits and wines that are hard to find in Paris. He is also promoting Corsican wines, which are highly sophisticated but unfortunately little known to the non-Corsican public.

What convinced the jury: Rose & Perle impressed the jury with its size and the originality of the flavours on offer in its grocery shop.

"Rose & Perle is probably the smallest delicatessen in France, specialising in smoked fish and Corsican wines. An original assortment in a ‘pocket handkerchief’ shop run by a truculent owner”. - Alexis Roux De Béziers, member of the Quintessences 2024 jury

Rose & Perle, silver medallist for the best delicatessen in France 2024
Révélations, bronze medal for the best delicatessen in France 2024

Révélations (PACA region) - Bronze medal

Révélations, a delicatessen born of a meeting between a coffee roaster and an oenologist. Located in rural south-east France, it has revitalised its town centre by offering a range of French, local and regional products, as well as a well-stocked cellar. This well named grocery shop showcases exceptional local products sources by the partners. It's a real place to live and share, where social and local links are the keywords. You'll feel right at home here, as you'll be able to take the time to taste, chat and reflect on the world, both on a day-to-day basis and at special, themed events. What's more, it's a cosy place that combines a delicatessen, a wine bar and a tea room, where you can enjoy a wide range of local coffees, teas, beers and wines, as well as snacks made from fresh products and home-cooked.

What convinced the jury: Révélations grocery shop shows that it's possible to keep your town centre alive in a rural setting and maintain local and social links.

"Wine and coffee, two products that rhyme with conviviality. Two products that are behind the creation of Révélations. Supported by a coffee roaster and an oenologist, this project, now a reality, could only become a place for living and sharing. What's more, this warm climate has been the breeding ground for something even bigger: the revitalisation of part of the city centre of this charming town in the South of France. In the countryside and in town centres too, grocery shops can certainly be the driving force behind their areas.” - Aurélien Bertrand, member of the Quintessences 2024 jury

Pyrénissime - épicerie gourmande (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region) - Jury's favourite

Pyrénissime, a gourmet shop in Pau, was born of a simple idea: to help people discover an ecosystem and a terroir. From this conviction was born an outlet where gastronomic specialities from the eastern or Atlantic, Catalan or Basque, French or Spanish parts of the Pyrenees meet. Pyrénissime is a grocery shop driven by the desire to introduce you to the diversity and richness of the Pyrenees. Sweet groceries, savoury products, wines and spirits, and fresh produce offer you a panorama and a complete range of this region where specialities from Béarn, the Basque Country and Bigourdanes meet the ones from Catalonia, Audace, Ariege and Comminge. Éric Fazeuille, owner of the grocery shop, has broken down artificial borders to reconstitute the natural borders of a territory in order to promote the gastronomic treasures of the Pyrenean heritage from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

What convinced the jury: Pyrénissime has chosen an offer and a DNA built around a specific ecosystem and regional terroir.

"Pyrénissime has achieved the original feat of reconstituting a terroir: that of the Pyrenees. Putting together an offer to promote an ecosystem is all very well, but Pyrénissime goes even further. Looking beyond administrative boundaries, Eric Fauzeuille and his daughter have developed an original concept based around a mountain range, the Pyrenees. [...] In short, isn't this the quintessence of a territory: breaking down artificial borders to reconstitute natural ones, and Pyrénissime has done it very well." - Aurélien Bertrand, member of the Quintessences 2024 jury

Pyrénissime, gourmet grocery, jury's favourite for France's best delicatessen 2024
La Maison de l'Indonésie, favourite of the jury for the best delicatessen in France 2024

La Maison de l'Indonésie (Ile-de-France region) - Jury's favourite

La Maison de l'Indonésie is a Parisian grocery shop founded and created by Eka Moncarre, an Indonesian diaspora in France. Her aim is to bring the best products from Indonesia to France to share and discover the beauty of her country, its best products, its cultural wealth, its values, its gastronomy and all its other assets. La Maison de l'Indonésie promises an immersion in Indonesian culture and gastronomy, with fair-trade products sourced directly from local Indonesian producers. In a unique setting reminiscent of the Indonesian archipelago, you'll find chocolate, spices, coffee and many other exceptional Indonesian specialities.

What convinced the jury: La Maison de l’Indonésie has an offer that beyond being original, is promising to be a real cultural discovery.


Discover the 15 nominees of the 2024 Quintessences

Map of France's best delicatessen finalists 2024Map of France showing the locations of the 15 nominees fro France 's Best Delicatessen 2024


  • La Boutique de l’Auberge (Buellas – 01310)

Centre-Val de Loire

  • Epicerie de la Vallée (Monteaux – 41150)


  • Les saveurs de l’Hexagone (Tinqueux – 51430)


  • Chakchouka (Vitry – 94400)
  • Fiertile (Clamart - 92140)
  • La Maison de l’Indonésie (Paris 14ème)
  • Le comptoir de Maloe (Villers Sur Marne – 94350)
  • Médaille d’Or – épicerie de produits médaillés (Paris 18ème)
  • Rose et Perle (Paris 7ème)


  • La Case des Bains (Trouville sur mer - 14360)


  • Pyrénissime - épicerie gourmande (Pau – 64000)


  • Flow épicerie Fine (Villeneuve les Avignon - 30400)
  • L’épicerie d’ici (Baulou – 09000)
  • Ma P’tite île (Pammiers – 09100)


  • Révélations (Bollene – 84500)