• Exhibitors and visitors having a chat on Gourmet Selection

    Gaining visibility | Gourmet Selection

    To gain visibility, it is essential to get the word out. Trade shows are the ideal place to communicate about your company, your values, your services, your products... If you want your message to have an impact, select the event and the venue carefully! Alexandre Cartier, Business Manager at Sun'Agri, reveals the secrets of successful participation.
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  • People in the aisles of Gourmet Selection

    Renewing yourself at a trade fair | Gourmet Selection

    Are trade fairs one of your communication levers? Have your teams become accustomed to them, year after year? Beware! To continue to stand out, you must also know how to challenge yourself. Avoid routine: follow these 3 expert tips to renew yourself at a trade show.
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  • Stand out to our visitors on Gourmet Selection

    Checklist to download for a successful exhibition | Gourmet Selection

    The show is over, but the work is not! For your participation to be a success, you need to capitalise on the event: processing the leads collected, follow-up and contact, measuring and comparing figures, ROI... Download the checklist of 10 post-show actions to maximise your participation !

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  • Succeed in your Gourmet Selection participation

    Measuring your ROI | Gourmet Selection

    Have you recently exhibited at a trade fair or are you planning to do so? But do you know the impact of the number of visitors and contacts generated on your turnover? Find out how to estimate the impact of this marketing tool by measuring the ROI of a B2B exhibition.
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