To gain visibility, it is essential to get the word out. Trade shows are the ideal place to communicate about your company, your values, your services, your products... If you want your message to have an impact, select the event and the venue carefully! Alexandre Cartier, Business Manager at Sun'Agri, reveals the secrets of successful participation.

Registering for a trade fair: key points

The choice of trade show should not be made lightly: the programme should correspond to the objectives you have set yourself. For example, if you want to speak to your prospects or introduce them to a new technology, make sure the trade show offers conferences... And don't forget to register!

If the programme counts, so does the geographical area. Depending on your field of activity, the sector can be very important. Alexandre Cartier has always chosen trade fairs whose location and theme correspond to the problems of its clients. This way, you are sure to address the right target! List the criteria to keep in mind when choosing your trade show to make your selection. Your participation will be all the more effective!


Monitor your performance after the event

Have you just concluded your participation? Now is the time to analyse your key performance indicators. You can, for example, calculate the number of contacts obtained during the exhibition. Did you reach your objective?

It is essential to monitor and analyse your performance after a trade fair. If you didn't get as many contacts as you wanted, you can define an area for improvement... and do better next time! On the other hand, if you have far exceeded the objective, perhaps you should push your strategy a little further.

In any case, don't forget to continue the conversations started during the event: send a personalised message to your prospects... And don't wait too long!

Participating in a trade show requires organisation. If you set yourself clear and achievable objectives, you are halfway there. These set the criteria for choosing the trade fair you want to attend. Find out all the tips from Alexandre Cartier in his feedback.