Make your presence known and stand out with Gourmet Selection' communication and sponsoring tools.


Maximize the traffic to your booth effortlessly and create a foolproof strategy to optimize your return on investment.

Explore our tools to:

  • skyrocket your booth traffic,
  • expand your professional network,
  • generate leads consistently throughout the year.

Newsletter badge sending

€1,000 excl. VAT
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Banner on emailing sent to all pre-registered visitors with their badge

Your advertisement message sent to all pre-registered visitors


  • 728 x 90 px
  • JPG or PNG
  • Banner and redirect link to be done by the advertiser

Visitor D-... newsletter

€1,300 excl. VAT - 3 newsletters - exclusive

€500 excl. VAT - 1 newsletter - 1 date

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Your message advertised on 3 newsletters dedicated to boost the visitor registration 30, 10 and/or 3 days left


  • 645 x 150 px
  • jpg, png
Einvitation pack


€50 excl. VAT - pack of 10

€1,000 excl. VAT - 500 e-invitations


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Order additionnal e-invitations in your customer area.

Available 3 days after the purchase

Rented smartphone for badge scanning

Badge scanner

€130 excl. VAT

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Smart and mobile badge scanner, provided with an set up licence.

Choose the scanner to:

  1. Share with many users on your stand
  2. Equip hosting staff
  3. Equip a particular area on your stand (vip area, animation, etc.).

Easy and convenient to use from your smartphone, get all the datas from your visitors, personnalize your stats, in conformity with the users data protection regulation GDPR.

/!\ A 400 euros caution will be asked when receiving the material.

Banner on the website

Your presence on the exhibition website

€800 excl. VAT for 1 position


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Horizontal (728 x 90 px) banner on the site’s homepage.

24 102 visits during the 3 months before the exhibition

1 position in a carrousel of 3

  • In JPEG, GIF or PNG format.
  • Send banners 1 week before publication.
  • 1 image in a carousel of 3 images.


Maximize your chances of being seen by our visitors before and during the show!

This section contains powerful tools to:

  • help you grab attention,
  • boost your image, 
  • outshine your competitors.
Ads in the show guide

Show guide advertisement

From €300 excl. VAT.

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You can choose:

  • Full page quadri
  • 2nd cover page
  • 3rd cover page
  • 1/2 horizontal page quadri
  • 1/4 verical page quadri
badge visitor advertisement

Visitor badges

€2,500 excl. VAT

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1/4 of the visitor badge dedicated to your company awareness


  • L 105 x H 139,7 mm
  • eps or HD jpg or HD PDF
Social media plan

Social media plan

€500 excl. VAT

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Be visible to the community of Gourmet Selection, of over 8,000 subscribers, with 1 dedicated post to your brand on Facebook, Instagram et LinkedIn

  • 10 advertisers maximum
  • 1 advertiser/ week
Shelves with delicatessen products

A worshop on Epicerie de Gourmet

€800 excl. VAT

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We have created a temporary delicatessen store to assist with planning future projects, such as establishing a new outlet or expanding your current business…

Value your brand by organising an 45 minutes workshop

Theme and time slot, both to be defined

Shelves with delicatessen products

A console to showcase your products

€2,500 excl. VAT

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A console dedicated to your brand !

15 different products minimum

Shelves with delicatessen products

A shelf to showcase your products

€100 excl. VAT - 1 product

€305 excl. VAT - 4 products

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Value your products by displaying it

2 options:

  • 1 product on 1 shelf
  • 1 complete shelf of 4 products