The show is over, but the work is not! For your participation to be a success, you need to capitalise on the event: processing the leads collected, follow-up and contact, measuring and comparing figures, ROI... Download the checklist of 10 post-show actions to maximise your participation !

From the day itself to the long-term follow-up of the exhibition

A successful post-show period begins in the minutes after the show closes! It is important to anticipate the dismantling process so as not to damage or lose anything and to keep all the information or physical objects (business cards, for example) that you have collected throughout the event.

Then calmly review your participation on the spot. Do a full debriefing with your team and compile all the figures and data on participation: leads collected, attendance, number of catalogues distributed, etc. For more details, refer to our complete checklist.

At the same time, from the next day and in the days that follow, you should start to follow up on all the contacts generated during the exhibition.


The checklist in detail: what are the 10 post-show actions?

Making a success of the post-show period does not only mean taking stock of your participation: it also means preparing the next events!

With this checklist at hand, you can

  • Analyse your actions to see what worked and what didn't;
  • Keep track of all the participation data;
  • Initiate follow-up actions according to the contacts generated;
  • Give feedback to the exhibition organiser;
  • Prepare the next deadlines; etc.

It would be a pity to have done all this for nothing... A trade fair is an investment, and the most important thing about post-trade fair follow-up is to make it profitable! Follow-up is as important as preparation, if not more so: download your checklist now to anticipate this essential phase!