At Gourmet Selection, we do everything we can to bring the visitors you are looking for to our show: media plans, direct marketing actions, press relations... And that's quite normal; it's our role! But how do you ensure they come to your space once they have come through the door?

Discover how to generate a flow of qualified visitors on your stand on the day of the event in 4 steps.

Step #1: Think "user experience" on your stand

To begin with, put yourself in the shoes of your future visitors. This is the key to the success of your presence at the show! What message do you want to convey to your visitors during the event? What experience do you want them to have?

To attract qualified traffic to your stand, you need to distinguish yourself from other exhibitors, especially your competitors, by offering your visitors a unique experience. To do this, no miracle: prepare this "visitor experience" before the event.

The stand plays the role of your company's business card. So think about organising specific events there:

  • Competitions ;
  • Conferences to answer your visitors' questions
  • Press events such as the announcement of a strategic change by one of your managers
  • Preview of an innovation;
  • Dynamic demonstration ;
  • Etc.


Also take advantage of the events we organise for you, such as innovation competitions or round tables with other players in the ecosystem.

For a memorable visitor experience, the key is to make your presence at the show an event. To seduce your targets, ensure they feel included in your proposed actions.

Step #2: Communicate about your presence before the exhibition 

It would be a shame if you had prepared an exceptional event, but no one knew about it! You must therefore communicate as much as possible beforehand and on multiple channels, depending on your specificities and your targets:

  • On your website / your blog / your personal and company social networks;
  • Via the general or professional press, thanks to press relations actions, or by adding a specific stamp with your stand number in a classic advertising page;
  • With posters and point-of-sale advertising at the various points of sale of your products and services;
  • With targeted emailings.


Customise your communication to your target audience. You will not invite your customers and prospects in the same way! And don't forget to pass on all the practical information that will enable your visitors to find you (precise location of your stand, timetable of any events, etc.).

Communication: did you know?

We provide you with a communication kit when you register. This contains banners in the colours of the exhibition, including information about your stand as well as invitations. You can include them in different formats on all your communication media, such as your email signature.

Step #3: Prepare an attractive booth

An effective stand that conveys your messages

On the big day, an attractive stand can make all the difference. For an aesthetic and ergonomic stand, don't hesitate to ask a decorator or an event expert to give you some tips.

A stand should generate traffic and provide visitors with clear information about your company and products. In an ideal configuration, your stand should include:

  • A reception area
  • A space dedicated to information;
  • A space dedicated to demonstrations.


Once in front of your stand, the visitor should immediately understand who he is dealing with. However, there is no need to drown them in a flood of information: one or two signs positioned at the entrance to the stand may suffice.

A visible stand that your visitors can easily find

An optimal stand is also a stand that your visitors can find easily! Your task is, therefore to make your stand visible by adopting the simplest and most effective signage possible.

Think of asking the organiser for information: he can offer you communication and signage elements according to your needs.

A large balloon in your company colours, for example, will enable you to attract attention from the other end of the exhibition - or at least the aisle. It seems obvious, but the further away you are visible, the better your chances of success!

Keep in mind that the most important thing is not the size of your logo but the message your signage sends: it should indicate your business and your areas of expertise.

Finally, you can also ask us to arrange for hosts and hostesses to distribute your flyers or goodies at the exhibition so that visitors come to you.

Step #4: Adopt the "Welcome Attitude" to attract qualified visitors

Participating in a trade fair is not just about being present at your stand. Smiles and a sense of welcome are essential for visitors to stop by!

On a stand, the teams present become the showcase of your company. Their attitude must be exemplary throughout the exhibition. But not all the staff on your stand are used to dealing with customers... Ensure you train them and involve them in the project well in advance so they can play the game on the day!

The welcome attitude is indeed essential to attract visitors (and therefore potential customers). The welcome attitude means, first of all, making yourself available and remaining smiling whatever the circumstances. Don't hesitate to address visitors who stop in front of your stand without being too insistent. This is quite an art that is easily learned with experience. Goodies, samples or free snacks, distributed at relevant times, can also help you convince visitors to take the last step. A little "bonus" argument that can make a difference!

If the number of visitors is decreasing, encourage your staff to move around the exhibition so that they can spot potential interesting contacts. However, make sure that your stand is never empty!

Again, the main objective here is to give your visitors a tangible and memorable experience and to meet their expectations.

At trade shows, visitors often prepare for their visit... just like exhibitors. So to optimise your chances of success, offer your visitors a unique experience by preparing your participation as much as possible beforehand!