A B2B trade show is an essential meeting place for a company: it allows you to take a snapshot of an industry at a given moment and to bring together a panel of exhibitors and qualified visitors... Two elements on which it is essential to capitalise!

Why put yourself at the heart of the business meeting with the B2B exhibition?

It is no coincidence that B2B trade shows are compared to modern agoras! They bring an entire industry together in one place, bringing together qualified supply and demand. With these events, any industry can stay on top of trends, share - and discover - exclusive content and enjoy unparalleled attention time with visitors. After all, nothing beats the effectiveness of human interaction to engage a business relationship!

The B2B event, at the heart of the ecosystem

Who to meet at B2B fairs?

The B2B exhibition is a privileged meeting place for experts from various backgrounds, specialised journalists, partners, suppliers, trainers... and competitors! To make the most of these meetings, it is essential to prepare well, by anticipating the appointments to be made on site several weeks beforehand or by creating a customised stand, for example. The keys to successful preparation are listed in our infographic!

The 6 keys to successful participation in a trade show


  1. Anticipation of appointments
  2. Choice of location
  3. Care for the stand
  4. Use of all available tools
  5. Animation and solicitation of visitors
  6. Creating desire and curiosity


The effectiveness of trade fairs is formidable... provided you don't let the attention wane afterwards. Capitalise on the contacts made by feeding them back into your databases and ensure a rigorous and personalised follow-up of your sales leads! The trade show is only one step in your sales process. It is an important step, but one that must be followed by other actions: sales follow-up, qualification of your database, other meetings, etc. And remember that the more memorable a meeting is for the visitor, the more likely he or she will be approached in the future for a commercial contract or a longer-term relationship...